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Noah Oasis Skyscraper transforms offshore oil rigs into vertical bio-habitats
via inhabitat by Lidja Grozdanic

The Noah Oasis project transforms offshore oil rigs into vertical bio-habitats that help clean up oil spills and restore damaged marine eco-systems. These floating structures are meant to populate global waters, absorbing spilled oil from the surface of the sea and transporting it to their internal processors where it would be converted into a type of plastic used as building material in the creation of coral reefs. The project won honorable mention from this year's eVolo Skyscraper Competition.

The skyscraper would function on three levels: it would address the urgency of damage control when it comes to oil spills, use the oil in a productive way and, on a long term basis, provide safe heaven in the event of a drastic sea level rise. The project, which tackles issues of environmental destruction and pollution control, won honorable mention at the eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2015.

The structure would be attached to the sea bed via pipes with a floater at one end. In case of an oil spill, the the floaters at the end of each pipe would immediately absorb the spilled oil covering the surface of the sea. It would also serve as a habitat for marine life and migrating birds, while its performing its core function as production facility for plastic which would be used to build coral reefs.

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