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Comedian Joe Rogan talks about work and meaning in his own unique style... "We got sidetracked and diverted into these boxes, these cubicles in offices,” he says. “So instead of investing your time in a passion, you’ve sold your life to work for an uncaring...

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The world of work is changing rapidly. But where? The film EYE LEVEL goes where the change is made in the best sense. We visit companies and #Pioniere, the Ultimate differently and do things better: Here are fairness, innovation, responsibility and cooperation...

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Excerpt from Next Future Article "Turning Point" by M.P.Pandit- Sri Aurobindo has valiantly tried to present to the modern mind the fundamentals of the Indian contribution to human thought. He was not a propounder of a philosophy but a discoverer of knowledge....

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Have you heard of seed bombs? Despite the menacing name, seed bombs are becoming a popular way to add beauty to a neglected space. Seed bombs are a type of compressed soil and seed mixture that makes it super easy to distribute seeds and bring flowers...

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