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viaTHE SOUNDS OF SCIENCE with Bernie Hobbs It sounds like a pinball machine heard through a couple of tin cans and a bit of string, but that is actually the pinging noise of individual ions (charged phosphorous atoms) being fired into a silicon chip....

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Comedian Joe Rogan talks about work and meaning in his own unique style... "We got sidetracked and diverted into these boxes, these cubicles in offices,” he says. “So instead of investing your time in a passion, you’ve sold your life to work for an uncaring...

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BLOG: Susanne Postel Chemists with the University of Texas and the University of Marburg have devised a method of using a small electrical field that will remove the salt from seawater. Incredibly this technique requires little more than a store-bought...

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Minimizing the Stress in Your Life! Get started with meditation today! Scientific research proves that regular practice of meditation and mindfulness both prevents and reduces the risk for stress related llnesses. website: http://www.mindapps.se/ Download...

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