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Most of us spend our whole lives waiting. We wait for trains. We wait in check-out lines. We wait for appointments to begin – and then end. But the thing we spend the most time waiting for is for our lives to change. We want that person, who’s going to come along and love us enough to erase our insecurities, that job, that’s going to magically eliminate our money problems, the ever-evasive cure for our deepest flaws and challenges. We wait for the best moments of our lives to come happen to us. But the truth is, you have to be the thing that happens to your life. Your life will remain exactly the same for the rest of it, unless you take deliberate action to change things. Where would you invest your energy, if you knew that your energy alone could push things forward? How would you address other people, if you knew that you had to be the one to take initiative in every relationship? What would you do to become your own savior? No is on their way to rescue you. If there’s someone you want to be with, make the move. If there’s something you want to accomplish, get to work. If there’s a bigger life; a higher purpose that you know you are meant to be serving, stop sitting around waiting around for a sign. You are not a helpless backseat passenger to your own life. You’re the one sitting in the driver’s seat. And whether you spend your life idling in one place, or whisk yourself off in incredible directions entirely depends on you taking the wheel.
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