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We’ve all been there: scrolling endlessly through our social media feeds, mindlessly liking status updates, commenting on loved one’s accomplishments and feeling hopelessly inadequate in comparison. Something about the age of social media lends itself to a sense of disconnection. No matter how far we get on our own journeys, we always seem to be behind someone who’s getting there faster. Accomplishing more sooner. Thriving in ways we’d never dreamed of. When social media hits us on overload, the easiest thing on earth to do is to wallow in our own sense of inadequacy. But here’s a truth it’s time we all admitted to ourselves: Social media isn’t instilling a sense of insecurity in us. It’s just amplifying the insecurities we already harbour offline. Social media isn’t what’s making us feel insecure. It’s how we choose to use it. When we’re fulfilled in our careers, we don’t lament over our friends’ professional successes. When we’re connected with the people in our lives, we do not covet the relationship statuses of others. When we accept ourselves - flaws, imperfections and all - we do not log in to compare ourselves to others. We log in to keep ourselves connected to them. And so if scrolling through social media leaves you with a sense of disconnection, maybe it’s time you asked yourself: What are you disconnected from in your life that exists outside the internet? What would a good life look like to you, if you were not worrying about capturing the perfect photo of it? Which relationships would fulfill you, if you never shared another moment of them? What situations make you feel so inspired and alive that you forget to document them entirely? The truth about social media is that it’s nothing more than a projection of the way we see the world. When we’re happy, we seek out opportunities for connection. When we’re inspired, we seek out opportunities for growth. When we know who we are and what we’re searching for, we curate our social media feeds to reflect the values we hold internally. So instead of blaming social media for the way it makes us feel, what if we started owning up to the way that we’re using it? If it’s honesty we want on social media, why not begin being honest on our own outlets? Why not share our struggles alongside our victories? Our hesitations alongside our accomplishments? Why don’t we begin to look for more meaningful ways to reach out - to connect with one another on a human-to-human level, instead of adding to the rat race of comparisons? Because if there’s one thing we’re all searching for more of, it’s honesty. It’s connectedness. It’s the knowledge that someone else out there is going through what we’re going through, and that they are surviving it. That we can, as well. And in a sea of endless comparisons, the beauty of an interconnected world emerges: the opportunity to connect on what matters. To know that whatever we’re facing, we’re not alone. To reach out to someone who is clear across the world and hear them say: I understand. I can empathize. I am with you. The ability to bring the radical honesty that we crave into a space where it can truly make a difference. But the honesty has to start with us. And with our individual, ongoing commitment to keep sharing what truly matters.

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