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Do you yearn to make a difference in your community?
Is your heart asking you to pursue a dream of making the world a better place?
Do you see something that needs to improve and are just the person to set that in motion?

Then you, my friend, are a changemaker!

As you strive to bring your vision to life, it is quite likely that you have found yourself in the position of trying to get someone else to adjust their behavior. And in so doing, it is even more likely that you have have found yourself facing resistance from others. Happily, there is an abundance of scientific research that can help transform that resistance.

Check out this playlist of short videos for tips and techniques that you can immediately incorporate into your own changemaking endeavors, including:

  • What is the Secret to Changing Someone's Mind?
  • How are you BEING as a Change Agent?
  • Changemaker Skill: Offer an Experience of a New Way of Being
  • Changemaker Skill: Trust the change
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