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Not magic like a Hogwarts letter arriving in the mail, or the feigned magic of Houdini. Not cauldrons or broomsticks or lightning bolts springing from the fingertips. But real magic. A genuine but hidden power residing within each sentient being. A power that explains why phenomena like telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis are not only possible, but obvious.
IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin says it’s more than plausible — it’s the next wave of science. In his new book REAL MAGIC: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe (released on 4/10/18), Radin paves the road to new scientific horizons, arguing that magic is a natural aspect of reality that everyone is capable of tapping into with diligent practice.
Dr. Radin bases this on 40 years of conducting controlled laboratory studies for various organizations and programs, including IONS and formerly classified work for the U.S. government. His results are astounding! He has demonstrated that thoughts are tangible things, that we can sense others’ emotions and intentions from a distance, that intuition is more powerful than we have been taught, and that everyone can tap into the power that undergirds the physical universe itself.
Unlike books that discuss magical beliefs, or insist that magic has been debunked by science, Radin’s book Real Magic explores how the magic of yore, such as astrology and alchemy, have evolved into today’s accepted sciences of astronomy and chemistry. Radin uses that lens to review the current scientific evidence for magic, then introduces a series of simple but effective magical techniques, and he explains why magic will play a key role in exploring the frontiers of future science.
Some things you can expect to learn are:
  • The three types of real magic: force of will, divination, and theurgy
  • The rigorous scientific evidence supporting the reality of magic
  • The practical foundations of real magic: attention and intention
  • How to implement real magic into your daily life
  • The importance of meditation and affirmation
  • How to create a sigil, or symbol, to help attain a desired goal
As captivating as it is informative, Real Magic will propel you into a future where conventional perspectives are challenged and scientific boundaries are pushed. Where terms such as supernatural and paranormal are seen as outdated colloquialisms, and where magic is no longer a synonym for nonsense, but becomes a forerunner for leading-edge advancements in science and technology.
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