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Upgrading the human beings

It is now a well established norm that the technologies will continue to evolve to become more and more efficient, invisible, intelligent and complex whether it is the mobile phones, self-driving cars, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, nano technologies or genetic engineering. However when it comes to upgrading the human beings our notions of education doesn’t go beyond few basic ideas of literacies and skills. Lifelong education is now increasingly recognised as a basic requirement but our capacity to continuously learn and adapt to a changing world remains a daunting task as our learning capacity decline with aging. While medical science is finding ways to extend the human lifespan, the psychological nature of human beings remains a pandora’s box which modern psychology is still in the process of mapping. Besides, it is not sufficient to have physical and psychological well being in a body with long life span, there is also a pressing need to review the very meaning and purpose of human existence in the context of rapidly evolving technologies that are surpassing human capacities.

In a short video called ‘Humans need Not Apply’ released in 2014 by C.G.P.Grey, the direction of emerging challenges from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) are well pointed out. In a world where the AI is rapidly taking over the intelligent thinking functions and the related jobs, both mundane and creative, the humans are quietly becoming obsolete as a work force.

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