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In an energy market that is becoming increasingly distributed – whether based on wind, sun, water or biomass – intelligent grids are becoming increasingly important. Siemens microgrid technology is helping communities pioneer the movement toward a self-sufficient energy future. Learn more about the Brooklyn blockchain-based microgrid project developed in collaboration with LO3 Energy.

Source: BMG https://www.brooklyn.energy/
The Community Microgrid: Greener, Brighter Energy.

The Brooklyn Microgrid (BMG) is a living example of how our technologies can revolutionize the energy model within a community. BMG operates by augmenting the traditional energy grid, letting participants tap into community resources to generate, store, buy, and sell energy at the local level. This model makes clean, renewable energy more accessible, and keeps the community resilient to outages in emergencies, among many other economic and environmental benefits.

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