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It is time that we share and know about projects which live the new conscious business paradigm. It is one of the fastest growing movements with no leader. This series has only the purpose to inspire, to give courage and empower you. It is about buidling an new foundation for the generation which follow us. It is this undescrible spirit of "we can change it" which moves  through all of the models. It is not about right or wrong or perfect or in all areas political correct,  it is about the new map which pionieres are rolling out before us. It is about us!!! If you know about examples please let us know...thank you and keep the good spirit it is worth and you are not alone.
Yours Hans-Peter for the Blog Team
see Source Growth where you are website 
We inspire people to grow quality, local food in beautiful systems that support the ecology, encourage the economy and improve human health.
We inspire people to grow quality, local food in beautiful systems that support the ecology, encourage the economy and improve human health.

Grow Where You Are is a dynamic full service social enterprise in the field of local food systems.  We partner with organizations and individuals to bring food abundance to communities and those who value real food. We design, install, and maintain multiple public and private spaces where food is produced using Agro-Ecological principles.  We have been training residents in this dynamic form of urban agriculture for over ten years.

Grow Where You Are LLC is a social enterprise that is committed to providing Agro-Ecology training and life skills workshops to evolve urban dwellers into global stewards. We are currently 

partnering with organizations, institutions and individuals to plant 

fruit orchards, develop farms and assist in ecological restoration in areas that enhance the health, economics, and environmental benefits by creating local food abundance systems. Grow Where You Are created the Good Shepherd Agro Ecology  center in the heart of Historic West End, Atlanta. Since 2012, we have been building a robust 3-acre farm-to-market site that has served as a research, teaching and training 

facility dedicated to increasing ecological sustainability and food justice. Our volunteer work at the site has produced over 15,360  lbs  of  food,  served  over  8,260  people  with  healthy  food options and facilitated  over  144  service  groups. 

With the succes of the Good Shepherd Agro-Ecology Center and the support of our partners, GWYA is now developing the Awali Veganic Homestead Education Center near Stone Mountain, GA. Awali is an East African word meaning The Source. This site hosts veganic agricultural workshops, community feasts, and an organic seed library, all on a 5 acre food forest that GWYA is developing

Grow Where You Are is a team of vegan farmers and food justice activists doing revolutionary work in the areas of food sovereignty, ecological restoration, vegan outreach and education, and animal-free growing techniques. 

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