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The Sooner Now is a joint initiative by FvF and MINI fostering collective imaginations of urban futures.

Source FvF Mini via Eeventbrite Newsletter

The Sooner Now is a forum for innovative and inspiring projects contributing to a better life in the city. The dialogue happens in varied forms—from an annual conference in Berlin, to dinners and smaller satellite events all over Germany alongside essays, interviews and explorations featured on FvF. Combining the creative network and storytelling of FvF with MINI’s dedication to finding solutions for urban spaces, we’re able to bring together the voices and minds that are shaping our future.

On September 28th, The Sooner Now is coming to Düsseldorf with a conference on the advancement of technology and its influence on communities of the future. Freunde von Freunden and MINI have invited a series of local and international experts to share their knowledge on the topic in a series of talks, discussions and a film screening allowing for an open exchange of ideas. How will technology influence and change our understanding of communal life and its structures? What effect will this have on work and possibilities for collaboration? How can we create human-centric, inclusive technology?
Invited speakers:
Lisa & Rainer Kunst, Creative Mornings, Düsseldorf
Ansgar Oberholz, Institut für Neue Arbeit, Berlin
Ingo Eichel, Adobe Creative Cloud, München
Louisa Heinrich, Superhuman Ltd., London
Sarah Schappert, A/D/O, New York
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