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Sacred geometry and fractal geometry are energy patterns that can show us how life and reality work at the supernatural level. If you comprehend how these geometries are used to create matter and life at the fundamental levels, you should know that the Universe wasn’t the result of an accident; rather it was created by the Prime Creator. The fact that sacred geometry and fractal geometry contain simple and complex mathematical formulas is strong evidence that reality and life are possible because of the Prime Creator. These mathematical formulas weren’t created by scientists. Instead, they were rediscovered when scientists started playing with mathematical formulas.

Sacred geometry and fractal geometry are some of the blueprints of Creation. These geometries are used to direct light (energy) into specific patterns, and therefore allowing them to shape matter into specific forms. On every scale of reality, whether it is the atomic world or the material world, everything is affected by sacred geometries. The structures of our DNA, the shapes of clouds, the patterns of snow flakes, the cornea of our eyes, the shapes of crystals, the star we spin around, the galaxy we spiral within, and all life forms emerge out of geometric patterns and codes.

Instead of writing about how sacred geometry and fractal geometry shape matter and create life, I will show you visual evidence of how they do these things using videos. The following short videos contain important information about energy, frequency, sacred geometry, and fractal geometry, which are some of the fundamental energy patterns of reality. Furthermore, the videos will show you how these energy patterns shape the world around you.

Via EnergyFanatics.com by Pao Chang

For more secrets of life and reality, read my articles titled: The Sacred Art of Creation: Discovering What Life is Beyond the Atomic Structure and Frequency and Vibration: How They Create the Structures of Matter and Life.

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