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With mainstream media and government lies now spiraling out of control to unimaginable levels, it's only appropriate to begin addressing the new realities and circumstances we now face, all made possible due to the information age we are in. For example, one new reality is the rapidly expanding mental (knowledge-based) gap between those who know and understand the political reality that is transpiring here in the United States and around the world including the grave implications, and those who are mentally lost, ignorant, deeply fooled and brainwashed in the matrix of lies and deceit. For the first time in human history two distinctly defined consciousness are co-inhabiting the planet, each with its genuinely learned (truth seekers) or deeply rooted indoctrination (zombies) defining this gap. For many of us, a clear picture of this scenario is easily envisioned because we see it around us every day. But as this mental gap widens, have you taken into serious consideration how this will play out? Let's consider some of these scenarios and offer some solutions moving forward.

First let's consider the dark side of things. That is, I want us to confront the ugly reality of what this mental gap means and what could likely be the ramifications of this. This mental knowledge-based gap I'm referring to is very real. If you truly understand that the knowledge we share about the world (again, all of which is easily verified thanks to the magic of the (free) information age we live in) is otherwise basic simple truths about realities that objectively are occurring worldwide whether we like it, acknowledge it or not, and if you understand there is no reason to complicate this informational reality then you'll likely understand what I mean when I say that the rest of them (those still believing mainstream media and those lost in their matrix of daily lies) really are mentally ill. They are unaware that they are suffering from engineered illusions piled on top of each other and sequentially linked in real-time. These packets of engineered stories deeply wedged in their minds then become the source which powers and ultimately composes the overall reality of that person.

If it sounds like I'm describing a clinically mentally ill and delusion person that is because I am. The only difference is the perception of the sickness. Put one mentally ill person in a room of clinicians and sane critical thinkers and it is an obvious diagnosis. Put that same mentally ill person in a room full of other equally mentally ill people and the perception changes to where one wonders if that illness IS the norm.

The only other obstacle to understanding today's manifestation of mass mental illness is that deep down most of us are not traditionally used to considering someone who is fooled by deceitful information to be mentally ill. Surely all of us have been fooled at one time or another in the past. Does that mean we were (or are) mentally ill? One of the points I want to outline here is that the context by which to consider answering this question is now changing. Whereas the answer "no" is the traditional answer, I believe we are now reaching a point in human history where the dangerously high influx of (dis)-information itself is becoming the very disease that is now having a major impact (in ways never imagined) on the individual's mental health status due to the comprehensive and tangential effect it is having on the individual's overall existence.

Now consider the day and age in which live, with so many examples of state terror and staged events (like the Orlando shooting and now the very recent "urban warfare" cop psyop shooting in Texas) which are all becoming more and more sophisticated, aren't all of us being fooled at some level? I guarantee you we are all being fooled at some level. So does that mean we are all mentally ill too? My answer is no only because we have awareness on our side. We see the magician and we know it's a trick even if we can't figure it all out. Unfortunately however, the same cannot be said of those who are simply not even aware. This brings us to the two sides of this issue. First, let's consider the unfortunate dark reality surrounding this issue.

Preparing for dark times

Because we have such a significant group of people who still actually believe mainstream media lies, we must now face that they are now extensions of the state in the sense that they think like the state and will organically act in a manner pleasing to the state. We (awakened truth seekers) must therefore often unwillingly all proceed and act with caution at times outside the boundaries of reality to keep up with the delusional belief systems of the sheep. It's like living in a world where you always have to decide what you believe, what you know and what you'll do next based on that knowledge versus what will the typical zombie think or how might they react to what you do next. The end result of this consciousness conflict is that you could be falsely portrayed, falsely accused, or falsely targeted by those acting as vessels of the control system. The days of only being ridiculed for your belief system ("conspiracy theorists") will soon give way to a more serious context of accusations. For example, someone recently informed me that a group of 9/11 truth activists in San Diego were accused by a random (anonymous) person (who called the police) of "recruiting for al-Qaeda". This is the dark scary end of the mass brainwashing we're talking about and it's a manifestation we've seen throughout history.

Another important (dark) thing to realize is that as we move forward into the future, the blind sheep will perceive your pursuit of truth as itself being a form of mental illness. Actually, this already began many years ago so I'm sure it's not difficult for many of us to understand this phenomenon. This comes as no surprise since the DSM and the very controlled "Psychiatry" industry already creates diseases without any evidence-based or concrete diagnostic tests. As we saw in the case of truth teller and activist Matthew Mills taking actions based on known truth and personal convictions can now be labeled as "harassment" if it involves the protection of a state sponsored staged psyop event like Sandy Hook (and now Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston bombing etc). The reality is you can now be arrested for any trivial reason like "disturbing the peace" or worse if you are perceived as a threat to one of these psyop events and once you are arrested anything can go wrong from there.

The point is that things are changing. Meanings of things are rapidly changing and thus reality is rapidly changing. So before we discuss mental health (the other side of this coin) let's review again. The dangers of wide consciousness clashes where each side accuses the other of mental illness is a major red flag and often is a sign that a purge is coming. These scenarios historically often end up with a lot of people dead. This new era of profound ignorance we are entering therefore comes at a steep price which could ultimately cost many lives as the species battles to define who in fact is mentally ill. In other words, you hear "mental illness", think war, churning, death and consciousness clashes which often leads to destruction of civilizations, concentration camps and holocaust conditions. This is why the ruling elite want to go after those who don't believe in the global warming lies or the climate change religion. Truth and reason, they feel, must be crushed. This my friends, is the dark side of the reality of the now growing mental (knowledge based) gap between those awakened and those still asleep in the government-mainstream media matrix of lies. Now let's consider the brighter side of this story.

The new mental health

One message I want to bring across in this article is that things are changing very rapidly. Consider that just a few days ago (from the time of this article) FBI Director James Comey openly and boldly announced that career criminal Hillary Clinton was "extremely careless" in handling classified information on her personal server (something wildly illegal, right?) but that "no charges are appropriate in this case". That, my fellow truth seekers, is an open example of how fast things are moving. In an instant in time, FBI Director just told us that the rule of law is out. Throw that harsh reality, if you can, next to "lockdown" and "bailouts". These are all monumental terms and concepts manufactured at pivotal moments in our history. The fact is that things are happening much faster than most of us can even imagine. With the rule of law now officially thrown out openly in everyone's face there is no telling what will be next: Cancellation of the elections? Continuation of government? Another staged false flag psyop event to trigger the big lockdown? We'll probably soon find out.

Hidden in all of this is the mental state of the blind sheep who are sleeping through all of this. They are losing their minds with every passing day due to things like electromagnetic forces, genetically modified foods, television flicker rates, cell tower and wifi signals, constant chemtrails metals, mind control programming, mass conditioning and public school indoctrination, mainstream media engineered fear and scaremongering, mass propaganda and much more. Humanity is now under a full-on assault. And as you would do in a battlefield where everyone is being hit, you have to focus in the midst of all the chaos and destruction and you have to seek your own survival first, then seek to help others.

Translating all of this into the reality of today, we must now acknowledge what might define what I call the "new mental health". The new mental health as I see it now must include knowledge of reality which the controllers are trying hard to erase. This reality must be looked upon and no matter how many people don't want to look at it, it's still there. If it makes you feel any better, we've seen these battles for "reality" and truth play out throughout all of human history. As I've been saying for years, this is essentially the story of the human journey; constantly fighting for specific realities as the controllers attempt to impose their (always deceptive, manipulated and engineered) reality on the species which is always able to collectively see the world outside of the ruling elite's narrow view and thus stay in the actual reality. Galileo, Socrates and Plato for example, all understood this mental knowledge-based gap blindly and the ramifications of upholding the truth and the perceived simple reality.

Thus, to achieve mental health today breaking away from the collective mentality is the first step; then independently coming to grips with the reality that now surrounds us is the next most important step. I now believe this is the organic basis of "mental health" as we move forward in this dangerous world. Once the individual is willing to accept the reality that surrounds them (us), they can now pursue happiness and fulfillment in the world they physically exist in, not a fictional world that is synthesized in their minds. In other words mental health can only be measured in the context of the real world and it cannot be a relative concept. To convince yourself of this try to see this situation from an objective third-person point of view and apply the rules of nature, science and reason to this argument.

Truly understanding this "even-Steven" trade-off of reality for reality will then allow you to wrap your head around this next idea. The idea that we'll be living soon in a future where the dumb sheep (if you would) will have to be considered potential human beings. Their opinions and the energy they put out will always be counter to humanity in one form or another. Those fully awakened in due time will realize that without any special considerations, the logical thing for the critical thinking survivors to do about those still asleep is to tell them what they need to hear, and then (literally) move on as if they don't exist. That's right, you understood me correctly. Move on as if they don't exist. Tune them out and move on to other members of the species who do get it. Of course, if you still think this is about "politics" or a "difference in opinion" then you will never understand this concept.

This ability to tune out the (zombie) noise and the engineered layers of (mainstream media) reality while simultaneously staying focused and exposing all of it in a highly functional, well grounded, organic, lively and healthy manner is ultimately at the root of the new mental health I'm describing. In this new definition, letting your mind spend too much energy on the practice of "arguing" and exchanging unproductive communications with others infected by the zombie state of profound ignorance is itself a form of regression into the state of partial mental illness. Can you imagine that? In the near future I envision the concept of spending time around those who still believe government and mass media lies as a period of potential mental infection and thus a threat to your mental health analogous to visiting a sick person at a hospital.

Happiness and sense of fulfillment

As I discuss in my book 'The Art of Overcoming the New World Order', I truly believe you cannot be truly happy when you believe mainstream media lies because your sense of happiness is a fragile minute by minute experience that could change at any second. It doesn't take a genius to observe that every single day mainstream media worships death, fear, murder, "terrorism", misery, injustice and raw, nasty gossip designed to inflict pain on the celebrity subject involved. Do your own research and categorize a typical day of mainstream media news and see for yourself how the categories can easily be broken down into one of these categories.

Once you see this, it's not a far stretch to realize that true happiness is directly related to truth. Truth gives you the strength to reconcile (not run away from) the reality that surrounds you while targeting personal goals, relationships and tasks that are all genuinely and organically enjoyed when accomplished in spite of the ugly ongoing truth. This really is a completely different reality and psychic energy at work from the now runaway engineered reality mentioned earlier.

The time is now

Once you see this reality described above you'll be ready to join me and others in the new consciousness that is here to stay. Break away from the old paradigms completely. Realize that it's a whole new ball game. The ruling elite have thrown out the rule book and they are going for it all. Let's do the same!

All the great leaders and revolutionaries made their mark on humanity because of (not in spite of) their vision for humanity and the future. This vision blinded them from fear. This blindness to fear allowed them to do great things and face evil in the eye (think MLK) and call it what it is.

The thing to realize is that revolutionaries of the past were not doing anything special. They were simply choosing to not be blind sheep who enjoy their slavery.

So the challenge begins here. Stop thinking that you are spectator in someone else's movie or someone else's script and become the primary actor realizing that you are the actor and the player in a movie or play someone else is watching. That someone else is the ruling elite and the controllers. They are looking for behavior patterns as they illegally record your actions and words. This is information most blind sheep are more than willing to give the information collectors not realizing it will be used against them some day and in many cases is already being used against them.

So take action now. Change your reality to conform to one of freedom, mental sanity and pursuit of happiness based on the actual reality occurring before our eyes not some fictional reality that keeps playing out in your mind that someone else is controlling (with "breaking news" etc). Once you are able to do this you have now arrived at a point where we all need to be; clear minded truth warriors in pursuit of happiness and freedom but with the will to fight and intellectually destroy the lawless, heartless and faceless enemy before us.

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