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Our mission

We dream of a car free city where space is for people and not for parking.

Our allygator shuttle is driving the way towards car-free cities. Attitudes within the mobility sector are changing, opening the way for intelligent transport solutions.

Consumers' mobility needs are changing, and allygator shuttle is jumping on board this trend. The rise of car sharing shows that more and more people do not wish to own a car and yet desire an individual mobility service that meets their needs. We have welcomed these new shifts in mobility and, through allygator shuttle, offer an innovative transport solution in both rural and urban areas. allygator shuttle is an affordable, secure and flexible on-demand service that does exactly that.

Tailor-made mobility solutions: as cheap as a bus, comfortable as a limousine.

allygator shuttle is a transport service that groups users with similar journeys. This means that once a passenger books a ride through our user-friendly app, our algorithms matches them to one of our shuttles driving in that direction. Thus our optimized routes bring our users quickly and comfortably to their respective destinations, all the while giving them a social and sustainable experience. We offer all this at a very affordable price, making the personal car even more redundant.

easy living in the city
We aspire to cultivate strong partnerships with cities.

It is our mission to work on-site with public transport authorities. Through franchises and cooperations, we wish to extend the range of services these organisations currently offer. We provide these cities and agencies with our novel technology solutions and help the latter become more flexible and user-focused by introducing services which are adapted to the individual mobility needs of their region. Our insights into city mobility patterns combined with the knowledge of local actors allows us to create these intelligent transport solutions that are based on the needs of the cities and their citizens.

innovation today, a better tomorrow
Current mobility solutions need to become more flexible and extensive.

There are still significant gaps in our cities’ current mobility solutions. We aim to transform mobility from its current state, with fixed routes and individual cars, into an innovative system that focuses on flexibility and the consumers needs. allygator shuttle makes urban life, and urban transport in particular, more people and planet-friendly. By providing cities with an individual and flexible transport system, we will make cars unnecessary.

By grouping riders on similar journeys we can reduce traffic and pollution, and thus increase the amount of open space. Intelligent urban transport planning helps individuals save money and make cities friendlier to live in. This is our ultimate goal: to make personal cars irrelevant in order to create more liveable cities worldwide.

  • Efficient city transport

  • A reduction of single occupancy vehicles

  • Fair payment for drivers

  • Lower costs for riders

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