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source pixabay CC0 pexels
source pixabay CC0 pexels
via NexusNewsfeed Blog (Source: collective-evolution.com; August 15, 2015)

If you look back on the journey you have been on, you will notice that it is the very nature of life to ebb and flow.

You go through periods of learning, experiencing, and growing, and then when you’ve mastered what you’ve been through, sometimes you get comfortable. You reach a plateau. Isn’t it interesting that you can stay anchored and indeed deeply identified into that plateau without even realizing it? Without recognizing that in some ways you have become complacent, no longer pushing your limits, so that the types of new experiences you once intentionally sought out and craved can now make you feel insecure and scared? Oftentimes you have gotten so caught up in the day to day business of living that it can take some time to realise that you’ve actually become stagnant or stuck!

The expression ’spinning your wheels’ perfectly describes the growing sense you get when you feel off-kilter and not in your authentic flow. It describes the deep inner restlessness and frustration that results when there is a mismatch between the person you truly ARE and the relationships and experiences you are having on the outside.

You see, your Spirit or essence – whatever you want to call it – is wired to constantly seek new adventures, greater authenticity, and creative expression. It is your inherent nature therefore, to constantly evolve, change, and grow.

The funny thing as a human being, however, is that you are fundamentally wired to want to feel safe. This is a throwback perhaps to our primal hunter-gatherer days, but as society has evolved, so too has our safety net. Yet it remains easy to forget that you can safely explore and fulfil your ‘higher,’ spiritual/emotional desires and needs.

One of the crucial things to consider if you are realising that you have ‘plateaued’ is that you have actually become suspended in what looks and feels like, for want of a better word, an energetic cobweb of sorts. Your cobweb consists primarily of the energetic components of your conditioned habits, beliefs, and thought forms that literally ‘hold’ you in this static place of non-growth. And funnily enough, the underlying reason it all works to keep you stuck is because you are for the most part completely unaware of it all.

Absolutely everything you believe about yourself – who you think you are, your perceived limits as well as what you think you deserve and are capable of – is all based on your perceptions that arise from that holding space. And the more you buy into the reality of those limits, the more embedded and enmeshed you become in your unique cobweb.

Are you beginning to see more clearly now that the energetic cobwebs that hold you in a particular way in your life, do so not just on an inner level in terms of how you view yourself, but on an outer level in terms of the quality of your relationships and degree of full and authentic expression you are able to experience in your activities day to day?

In my work with clients, I often get the visual image of an individual standing on an old-fashioned paper map that represents the actual energetic landscape or foundation of their life. As they stand at a specific point on that map, they are surrounded by a corresponding circumference – their ‘sphere of influence’ that is particular to them. This space consists of the precise people and situations that vibrationally resonate with their unconscious belief systems and how they view themselves.

As mentioned before, it is your Spirit’s nature to continually grow. When you inadvertently stop honouring this inborn need, for whatever reason – for example, because you have become complacent or stuck – the gap between your authentic Self and the quality of activities, interactions, and experiences in your life widens. The result is that there can be anxiety, resentment, anger, sadness, and deep despair.

But, here is the good news:

Getting to this point of realisation and being able to wholeheartedly accept that you’ve fallen off the track that guides you according to the wisdom of your soul, is the first vital step to being able to get back on!

After the initial process of realisation and acceptance, what usually follows is an inventory of exactly the fears and beliefs that have contributed to your inadvertent need for safety and/or protection that has led you to plateau.

The reasons for this however, can be as varied as there are people on the earth. The human condition is one that pushes you to become more self-actualised as your self-understanding, acceptance, and awareness grow. And by following the inbuilt wisdom of your soul, which is the only real compass you have, you are continually led to identify and dismantle new places of perceived limits within yourself. Many of these are inherited or conditioned into you at a very young age. It is part of the natural wisdom of your evolutionary process of ‘becoming’ more of yourself that enables you, at the same time, to get clear on who you truly ARE from who you are NOT. So the more you know yourself, the more you can trust yourself, and the more you can trust yourself, the more you recognise the role of honouring your TRUTH in order that you can physically create a life that honours your real Self.

So if this is speaking to you and you know that you are ready to take your next important steps to expand your ‘sphere of influence’ and the quality of relationships and experiences you have unwittingly been allowing in, you have likely been at a crossroads for some time and are ready for a major life change!

From my own personal experience and the last 14 years of working closely with clients, here are 5 key points you need to consider when preparing yourself to hit the ‘re-set’ button on your life.

You need to:

  • Recognize that you have all the courage and inner resources you need to create this change – or else this message simply wouldn’t be resonating with you now.
  • Allocate devoted time to identifying, working towards, and/or reaching out for help to release the unconscious ideas, beliefs, and fears that have caused you to become stuck.
  • Trust yourself to try out radically different ways of doing things. This is one of the best ways to clear those old cobwebs and holding patterns away!
  • Give yourself permission to seek out the company and support of others on a similar path. It is so much easier growing and learning in the spirit of companionship, laughter, and fun than it is trying to do so in isolation where you and your efforts are completely unrecognized and unseen.
  • Sit down and as far as possible, write out a plan that will stretch you beyond the boundaries of the comfort zone you have been in. Get it down on paper and make it a top priority. Your happiness, fullest expression, and movement forward are depending on your ability to create and commit 110% to a plan!
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