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Meditation For A Busy Mind
via The Urban Monk Blog by Sean

Emily Fletcher sang and danced on Broadway. She was under lots of pressure to perform three different roles as an understudy and the anxiety was getting to her. She was getting strung out and hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in 18 months. She had met someone who introduced her to meditation, and after a single session, cured herself of insomnia.

Emily was in. She developed a practice and went to India to complete her training. She came back and started teaching thousands of people the technique that helped her so much. She spends 20 minutes twice a day and is calm, collected and happy. Her general framework is this:

Emily’s Steps to Relaxation

  • Balance your breath
  • Come to your senses
  • Dip your toe into silence
    1. Use the “M Word” – a mellow chant to slow down
  • End with gratitude

When we get rid of stress in our bodies, we get time back. We get our sanity back. Using meditation to drive that change is a powerful tool and we don’t need to change anything else about us to get there.

Enjoy this interview.

Interview Summary:

  • Emily was living her dream, performing in 8 shows/week on Broadway
  • She was understudying 3 of the lead roles in her last show
  • Her life was filled with a constant state of anxiety – getting dragged on stage
  • This caused her to go grey at age 26 and experience 18 months of insomnia
  • First full night of sleep was after her first meditation class
  • Vishkam Karma Yoga – her lineage is not a monastic practice
  • She left Broadway, went to India and started a 3-year training to teach this
  • Her priorities shifted and she committed to teaching this to people
  • She’s taught 3500 people how to meditate now
  • She grew up Southern Baptist and believes Religion is like an operating system and Meditation is like defragging your computer
  • Teaching actors meditation helped them make leaps in their performance
  • Her company, Ziva Meditation, specializes in meditation for better performance
  • She meditates for a minimum of 20 min 2x/day
  • Meditating makes your sex better by reducing stress
  • Too much cortisol makes women incapable of orgasm
  • Men can’t get erections with too much adrenaline
  • If you’re going to meditate, find a teacher your trust
  • You get time back when you get rid of the stress in your body
  • It may feel selfish but it’s actually a gift of a better you to your loved ones
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