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Have You Been Talking Yourself Out of the Chance of Creating a Better Life?
via CE blog by Carolinediana

As a conscious consumer myself and a professional Intuitive Life Strategist with a unique and privileged insight into the money mindset and spending habits of thousands of self-help/personal development seekers, I want to give you the no-holds barred, inside scoop on what I’ve come to know.

Some of these observations might seem controversial and trigger intense emotions such as anger, sadness, or despair. Bear in mind that they are just that — my observations — and I honour and fully accept that everyone is entitled to their own views. I feel strongly about sharing mine, however, because if you yourself are serious about improving your happiness levels and quality of life in a meaningful, sustainable, and authentic way, having a clear understanding of your own money mindset as it relates to your capacity to create these changes is KEY.

Generally speaking, most people on this pathway of consciousness and self-growth fall into 3 main categories:

1. Those who are in survival and truly believe they can’t afford, and more often than not, will never be able to afford, the opportunities, support, and resources they truly need.

This is usually one and the same as a deeply entrenched belief that change is possible for others, but not for themselves. I have seen many of these folks disbelieve that they can afford to even buy themselves a book. They are the great shoppers and connoisseurs of the freebies of the self-help/personal development world. When it comes to the notion of creating true freedom, happiness, transformation, healing, and self-growth, their clever ‘something for nothing’ mentality inadvertently causes them to wind up shortchanging no one but themselves.

And that is not to sound callous, because the reality is that many of these folks are struggling financially in very real ways. Some are single mothers who are out of work, folks who are in eye-watering amounts of debt, who don’t know where the rent or food shopping money is going to come from each month and so on. The distinction here, as I have seen time and time again with people just like this but who nevertheless are somehow determined to turn things around, is the mindset below:

This suffering, frustration, unhappiness, and lack needs stop NOW. I am better than this. I own the deep inner knowing that I am meant for something much greater. I feel the fear of the unknown and am committed to doing whatever it takes anyway because anything is better than staying stuck at this place. I am willing to put everything on the line and not leave myself a back door through which I can escape or shirk this commitment that I am making to my loved ones and myself. I am going to put my whole self into this game and Goddamit, I am going to come up with a plan that will enable me to get the support I need to step into the next level and create the big inner and outer shift I so desperately need.

The difference in the capability of a person with this mindset versus that of “I really can’t afford…” is clear.

2. Those who afford themselves a modest budget for their self-growth.

They choose their price based on their incomings and existing commitments because they truly believe that it is the prudent thing to do. The missing piece, however, is that these folks are usually very rooted in their logical, linear right brains where everything in their lives has a certain order and place. Another way to view this is that the various ‘compartments’ of their lives — holidays, family commitments, education, bills, assets, etc. — are by and large, tightly controlled by the budgets that have been set.

As Neale Donald Walsch once said, and I completely agree, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” The place where these folks usually feel blocked in life is when, try as they might, they can’t get themselves over the energetic ‘tipping point’ or wall that they have actually created to keep themselves and their loved ones, on all levels — even unconscious fear or limitation-based ones — feeling protected and safe.

3. Those who without hesitation, go straight to the TOP in whatever situation they are in to secure the highest caliber of help, advice, learning, and/or support that will enable them to take their next steps.

They have a deep knowing that nothing in their outer lives is going to run smoothly or be the highest form of expression of which they are capable if they haven’t done their inner work. They are willing to do or spend whatever it takes to get that ‘inner’ piece, to make it happen, to make that sense of integrity, congruity, and connectedness just right. Rather than getting into mental gymnastics to justify ‘why,’ they trust themselves on a core level and simply accept that it is something they ‘have to do.’

It is the folks in this category who are unafraid of their true nature as brave, courageous, capable souls. They are willing to be stretched into bigger versions of themselves even when there are no external guarantees, because they completely get that they need to say YES to the mighty force within themselves before the Universe will help them fashion a life that really ‘fits.’

They are comfortable being on the outside of their comfort zone because they have developed a taste for the miracles and massive transformation and growth that take place there. They instinctively know that to create meaningful life-change, this is where they need to be. I have noticed with the more advanced clients and colleagues of mine that this is the place at which they actually hang out, think, dream, create, and spend most of their time.

Here, however, is the most important thing about these three categories of folks:

Everyone is on their own journey of healing and self-growth and each person has their own timing and pace. Because of this, the relationship between money mindset and self-growth might be more accurately represented by that of a spectrum along which you travel as you evolve. These three markers are but three static points along that spectrum that I’ve shared as a way for you to gauge where you are now, what you have outgrown, and how much more is possible for you along this path of self-help and personal development than you know.

I don’t mean it lightly when I say this:

If you are ready and really able to take this in, allowing this new understanding of your money or “havingness” mindset to intuitively guide you to your next steps can literally begin changing that situation you’ve been struggling with, and ultimately, your relationship to life.

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