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9 Reasons Why Disorganization Is Actually A Sign of Intelligence
via UNFIED SOUL Blog by John Labath

Can you compare your thought process to a tornado? Do thoughts and ideas chaotically twirl around in your mind and bounce off one another?

It’s possible you may be chronically disorganized.

Chronic Disorganization is a very serious problem for some. As I researched this article I began to see a lot of myself in it.

I’m constantly running late.

My home and workplace usually look like a bomb exploded.

I hold onto items I don’t need because I think I may come up with a use for them later in life.

But thankfully it’s not all bad news.

The good news is that Chronically disorganized people also exhibit many traits that demonstrate a higher level of intellectual functioning.

1. They are extraordinarily creative.

Individuals with chronic disorganization are gifted when it comes to being creative. This is because their Right-brain is dominant when it comes to processing information. Rather than look at one solution for one problem they take in everything about a topic that they can all at once and let the ideas swirl through their minds like a tornado. New ideas are created as these thoughts bounce off one another.

They make excellent storytellers, comedians, and inventors because of their natural ability to think “outside the box”. The most well-known testing that measures creativity is known as the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT). The chronically disorganized generally have very high scores on the TTCT due to their minds ability to quickly imagine new ideas with their feverishly vivid thought process.

2. They have difficulty maintaining focus on things that bore them.

Everyone has different interests and ways of learning things that are unique to them. If a subject is not interesting to a disorganized person-or if they’ve already mastered the subject, then they see no need to spend more time pursuing it. This is not due to a lack of intelligence, it’s due to a lack of motivation or inspiration.

A disorganized person will often have trouble in school when they have teachers that don’t engage them in creative ways. They will “tune out”. But when you give that same student a project that deals with a topic that fascinates them, they can create wonders.

3. They are “addicted to insight”.

When examining the minds of disorganized personalities one of the most common traits found is a compulsion to constantly research and learn new ideas. A disorganized mind experiences a state of ecstasy when they have an epiphany or “aha” moments. This creates new insights. This euphoric state has been described as the same state of ecstasy experienced by those who have had a runner’s high or a shopping addict’s high.

This constant need for new information by the disorganized mind can be seen as argumentative since sometimes it’s necessary to challenge traditional ideas and authority to create a new mindset.

4. They have a wide variety of interests.

It’s difficult for a disorganized person to maintain focus on one task at a time. They prefer to be involved in a variety of activities simultaneously. This is because they love the knowledge they receive from new experiences. If they have a typical job, they are often found doing many other things on the side such as gardening, painting, or writing.

The idea of creating new things or ideas is deeply satisfying to them, but a disorganized person can also always be found looking for new experiences and challenges. It gives them joy to create, and conquering challenges immensely pleases them.

5. They tend to lose track of time.

We all lose track of time and end up late to appointments, meetings, or gatherings at times. But the disorganized person is often late on a regular basis. This is because they become fascinated with an activity or idea which takes over their minds and causes an almost manic need to focus on that particular subject.

Essentially they are so hyper focused on something that they end up off in their “own world” and become oblivious to outside or future activities. Time itself becomes of little importance when compared to the benefits they may receive from taking their current thoughts to greater conclusions.

6. They are visionaries who often score in the gifted range on verbal IQ tests.

The Myers-Briggs personality test was formulated to identify personality types which relate to specific types of people. Disorganized people are generally identified as “visionary”. If you tell them something is impossible they will take that as a challenge. They will seek to prove otherwise. This is because they enjoy a task which lets them avoid the standard ways that most people do things and would rather come up with new methods.

A side effect of being visionaries is that they also score very high on verbal portions of IQ testing. They don’t enjoy being tied to traditional norms and methods of doing things and prefer to come up with brand new and unique solutions.

7. They may appear to be “geeks” or “know-it-alls” to others.

Disorganized people do not give in to the commonly accepted versions of the truth. Instead they want to find their own brands of truth. You can find them constantly searching for knowledge either in books or on the internet, yet they also want to challenge the same knowledge they’ve recently come across. When these challenges are addressed by themselves and others, it becomes a catalyst for new ideas.

Unfortunately this need to challenge what is commonly accepted can be seen as arrogant by others. However they will also be the first types to want to learn and evolve those same ideas which they were just so vocal about.

8. They develop strong attachments to often unrelated things and people.

The disorganized person greatly values diversity in everything. That includes the people they interact with, the everyday belongings they own, and the music they listen too. This diversity is incredibly stimulating to their minds. It gives them a steady flow and variety of new ideas and experiences.

The ability to see things which others don’t is always appreciated by a disorganized mind. You will often hear them coming up with analogies that compare everyday things which most people wouldn’t see connections in, but due to their abstract way of thinking, everything can be connected to each other in some form.

9. They want to be around high-energy people.

High-energy people usually have a variety of things happening on in their lives. The disorganized person sees this as an opportunity to learn, to take part in something new, and to take that learning and experience and use it to create new ideas. Those ideas in turn create more learning and more experiences. It’s a constant cycle that feeds both itself and the disorganized persons addiction to insight. Disorganized people themselves are generally seen as having very high levels of energy. This is because they have countless things they would like to accomplish in their lives, but so few hours in the day to accomplish them all.

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