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Urban Mobility_ AUTONOMY Conference Paris

From Thursday, October 6 at 2pm

to 6pm on Sunday, October 9

Four days of workshops and conferences to foster positive dialogue and engaged discussion around urban mobility issues, including two free days for the general public. Renowned speakers from around the world will share their vision on three themed subjects: connected mobility, mobility shares and reconquering the city.

Shared Mobility

What the good in being the sole owner of a vehicle you use for two hours a day? Why have five available seats if you’re alone at the wheel? In the domain of mobility, individual property is a thing of the past. It’s time for ride shares.

Connected Mobility

Mobility in the twenty-first century is all about connectivity and automation. Before the end of the decade, a fleet of driverless vehicles will be available to citizens via their smartphones. But at what price…?

Reconquering the City

For over 50 years urban planning has been organized around car traffic. Today, we have other ways of getting around, freeing up spaces that were previously dedicated to cars. Let’s reclaim our city.

The story of Autonomy

We created Autonomy in 2015, and established our headquarters in Paris. A passionate and dedicated team formed quickly around the project. It includes entrepreneurs that specialize in event production, marketing, and urban planning. Mobility is a moving landscape, and we want to help shape it. From Taiwan to London and Milan, our international team continues to travel the world seeking for mobility innovations for you to discover and enjoy.

The concept

Autonomy is a one-of-a-kind event, bridging technology and lifestyle. We want to showcase urban mobility as an evolving ecosystem, product of the natural collaborations between citizens, policy makers and innovators. Every year, Autonomy will bring together various members of this ardent and enthusiastic scene in a dynamic urban venue. Partners, exhibitors and visitors will bring their values and their visions, examine and share their own points of view and exchange ideas. Together, we will get our cities moving.

What is urban mobility?

How can we continue to move freely and quickly around cities while reducing pollution, traffic and accidents? The stakes are major, and they concern all of us. Innovative multinational companies and startups are ready to confront these issues, creating a market that will likely leap from 1.5 to 25 billion dollars over the course of the next decade. People are already talking about the “4th industrial revolution” — this revolution will unite industry and digital technology for the first time. Sustainable and connected mobilities are coming together for the first time to propose new ways for us to get around. Now we’re talking urban mobility.AUTONOMY

Urban Mobility_ AUTONOMY Conference Paris
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