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Are You run by Your business or Do You run Your Business?
Author Hans-Peter Kraus
Survival Intelligence vs awareness

Nineteenth century pioneers in the American West successfully navigated uncertain terrain by using scouts to help them identify and prepare for the many risks and opportunities that were found. The scouting process proved to have value because it incorporated the following critical attributes:

Speed Scouts were instructed to ride out, make observations, and return quickly. If they took too long, their information would be of little use.

Scatter usually multiple scouts were used so that a broad area could be covered. This broad spectrum ensured that alternative pathways forward weren't overlooked.

Sampling Scouts weren't asked to measure, analyze and record a lot of details. Instead, they returned with observations, impressions and images that were qualified by their experience.

Mapping Scouts mapped the terrain with sufficient detail to give the wagon master the “lay of the land.”

Decision-enhancing information The ultimate decision on which way to proceed was made by the wagon master, not by the scouts. With input from the scouts, the wagon master was able to make decisions with confidence regarding matters that had consequences far into the future.

These attributes are equally relevant for today's decision makers, who are called upon to navigate the unchartered territory of the future. Understanding the consequences of decisions—and being able to identify them ahead of time—provides decision-makers with a powerful advantage of a new awareness, which includes more than one sight. It adds the necessary flexibility and plasticity, which is able to handle the unexpected.

These plasticity as we call it, serves us to let go from our survival intelligence that used fear as a prime motivator to control the world. We already outdated the traditional style of leadership: take charge, conquer, manipulate and control to triumph.

But it takes time for our collective consciousness to let go of the age-old dogmas and traditions of fear-mongering and control. We still run our survival intelligence, where it is not any more needed, it even dramatically limits us to see the reality as it is. Each of us can step on the path of evolving our consciousness. It takes letting go of the deep-seated conditioning living on in our minds, through myths, fairy tales, and modern-day movies—learning to see what’s really going on rather than letting others (like the talking heads on TV) tell us what’s going on. It takes courage, commitment, and dedication to living your truth.

We’re waking up. We’re breaking free of the fear-based strategies the mind uses to protect itself from remembered pain or possible suffering. We don’t see things as they are when we’re lost in the Maia (Illusion). Instead, we see a distortion created by conditioning.

Through being aware we create the foundation for a clear perspective and appropriate action/non-action in alignment with our true nature.

That true nature has its own natural strategy and authority by just being present in the now and listen deeply to yourself and others.

Tune yourself in, it just takes a decision to let go of the old survival intelligence and take the leap out of this paradigm. One way is to join the LeaderIntensive Mastermind Circle, where you commit yourself one year to a group of dedicated women and men, with the facilitation of wise and experienced business elders. You can get in touch with those groups through the WILD Bunch project called “The Fireplace Chat” via Email info@mapmakersworld.eu

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