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A New Story for Humanity_Change the Story Change the World
via Findhorn Foundation New Story Hub

Hans-Peters comment: If you feel like nothing changes, you might change your story...better lets change our stories. I love the authenticity and eagernes of all the people involved in this project. They are willing to realy learn from each other and be humble enough to let us know that oneness is something we have to learn new.

Inspired by the New Story Summit at the Findhorn Foundation: a sold-out multicultural, multigenerational enquiry into a new story for humanity, attended by change makers and activists from over 50 countries.

See below for links to specific segments of the video.

A beautifully and sensitively woven tapestry of the rich diversity that is the human family. Featuring live event coverage and interviews on the essential topics of our time: from cosmology to ecology, from ancient wisdom to current thinking, from leadership to governance, from economy to social justice, from education to initiation, from community to sustainability.

Captured through the lens of both our frailty and our wisdom, our pain and our joy, this enquiry into a new story for humanity offers a gateway into the evolutionary consciousness that will propel us as a species to recognise and embody our interdependence and oneness in harmony with the planet and in partnership with all life.

What if we had the power to change the story, and with this awareness, change the world?

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See the entire movie via http://newstoryhub.com/film/watch/

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