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Hans-Peter Comment: We need to listen more deeply what , why and how people share.Using the same wordings with a different purpose and understanding, can make a huge difference and outcome. The bioneers are one of them, which make you think and help you to listen more deeply.

Emerging in response to the need for a scalable way to make inclusive group decisions during the Occupy movement in 2011, Loomio, an activist-driven tech co-op, developed an open-source tool for democratic organizing now used by 80,000 people in 93 countries. Change-making communities, social movements and organizations have used it to make more than 25,000 decisions. In this digital world, Loomio is on a mission to empower communities and organizations everywhere to weave diverse perspectives into powerful collective action. Introduction by Matthew Monahan, Namaste Foundation.

This speech was given at the 2015 Bioneers Annual Conference.

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