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The Future Of College? This MIT Drop-Out Creates System Where Students Only Pay When They Get a Job
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College has become a wasted effort for many people who spend sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars on a degree that doesn’t even guarantee them a job when they get out. Especially in today’s economic climate, degrees are far less valuable than they once were, despite the fact that so many of us were told that if we went to college we would easily be able to get a good job.

While he was studying at MIT, Jeremy Rossmann began to realize this and dropped out to create his own college replacement program, with co-founder Ashu Desai. Their college, “The Make School” does not charge students up front, but instead they agree to pay a small percentage of their salary once they graduate and get a job. This way, the school has an extremely strong incentive to actually help their students succeed in life, not just in the classroom.

The structure and environment of the school are also totally different from what most formal learning environments provide. Instead of a regimented and centralized learning environment, the Make School offers a more free range setting where students are able to better express their creativity.

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