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via GEN Global Ecovillage Network

Important video about what we need to do now. What will be your catalyst for change, where will you draw the line?

"The real problem is our modern industrial way of live depends on an abusive relationship to the earth. Over-fish, over-farm, clear-cut, extract and expand. We depend on destructive fossil fuels for things that we need, but also things that we don't. We're killing ourselves with convenience and the planet literally can't take it.

... Our very way of life needs restructuring - a transition from exploitation to preservation. Which means our behavior is going to have to radically change. It sounds like a lot, I know. Luckily, some people are already on it. Communities around the world [like our ecovillages!] are organizing and fighting to protect their land, water, and air."

Tag(s) : #Nature, #Ecology, #Sustainability, #Science, #Paradigm Shift
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