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Transformative Technology is hardware and software, based on credible science and rigorous research that can produce a reliable and positive change in psychological well-being.
A community of meditators, scientists, researchers, inventors, makers, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry veterans, we seek to discover and develop technology to improve the psychological wellbeing of humanity on a massive scale.
At the Transformative Technology Conference, we gather to share actionable knowledge and resources.

If you’re excited by technology’s potential to elevate the human experience and solve global problems from the inside out, this is your conference. Our focus is on getting technology that supports mental and emotional wellbeing out to the world. From leading neuroscientists to ground-breaking start-ups, this is your community.

What if technology did more than just make us more productive? What if technology supported our wellbeing too? What would the world look like then?

For the last few years, a global community has been developing to explore this, and bring it into reality…and is about to meet in person for the first time. Join us and add your voice to this growing and incredibly important community.

Transformative Technology is science-based hardware and software that produces reliable and positive change in psychological well-being. This includes developmental-level shifts and significant changes in conscious experience.

The conference will be a crossroads of the interested public, scientists, makers, investors, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, public policy makers, and industry veterans and YOU.

  • Enjoy informative speakers on timely topics related to the technology innovation for exploration of consciousness
  • Network over lunch and cocktail parties with leading experts from diverse disciplines, such as tech, investing, consciousness, neuroscience, physics, engineering and more
  • Meet leading industry experts with strategic insights and members of the community
  • Discover fascinating startups and investment opportunities in this emerging market
  • Uncover opportunities for new tools such as software, mobiles, apps, wearables, music, audio, devices, and measurement and tracking of quantified self
  • Learn how Transformative Technologies provide actionable data from monitoring our physical and psychological processes, and use this data to improve our lives
Transformative Technology Conference_Engineering the Future of Human Wellbeing
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