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Why Truth is Always New
by Christina Sarich via Collective Evolution Blog

What creates a mind that can see things anew? Not the stale, crusty, crumbs of ‘truth’ that have mold around the edges, causing us to see reality in a fractured, disintegrating, purely entropic way, but a truth that shines with life and newness like a spring bud bursting from its yellow-green casing?

What allows a radical new theory – like a black hole devouring stars from the inside to create dark matter – to take hold of a scientist’s mind to help explain the origins of gamma-ray bursts, or the study of something as simple as a string of RNA blossom in a curious head so that the boundaries between biology and chemistry start to dissolve? Or even a mind simple and new enough to see the world as it is and not how we wish it could be?

It takes an open mind – a mind willing to see things in a brand new way – in order for these discoveries to take place.

Whether we are delving into the study of the most primitive forms of life, or the most expansive energies in space, our minds must make way for ‘truth’ that was previously unknown. The same is true if we are to create a new world, because before we can create something new, we must see things as they truly are.

A new mind is a fresh mind. This kind of mind allows us to focus. Quantum physics states that the world doesn’t really exist until it is measured. In other words – not until we give something focus will it arise.

A particles’ past behavior changes depending on what we ‘see.’ The world out-there is directly affected by our subconscious mind. This is no longer just a platitude of the flower child generation, but the reality of a quantum universe.

The banality of statements like, “you create whatever you focus on” become alive again in this context.

Australian National University conducted what is known as John Wheeler’s Delayed-Choice Thought Experiment to teach what Krishnamurti was trying to articulate. Alain Aspect explains it very well in this video: s.underneath

The Tibetans had an interesting way of describing the pulsing world of ever-new materiality and form.

The Padmasambhava, otherwise known as The Tibetan Book of the Dead, describes a process of developing New Mind. It requires transformation for body and mind through mastering six phases, each phase successively creating a ‘newer’ mind, or a mind less dirtied with the detritus of experience. It promulgates a series of meditations called the Bardo-experience, only we do this as we are still alive, and not, as is also practiced in the Tibetan culture, as our consciousness is passing from this body.

When we master all six of these phases successfully, the doors to self-realization and ‘Buddahood’ or ‘sainthood’ are opened.

After all, isn’t the negative energy that is stored in our nervous system just an old way of seeing the world?

The Tibetan discourse is not the only culture that imagined and described ways to see ‘truth’ anew, but it does an extremely good job of breaking down our mechanical fixations so that we can make way for fresh consciousness.

The Padmasambhava breaks down this mechanical dissolution into six ‘waves’ associated with color:

  • The Green Wave
  • The Red Wave
  • The Blue Wave
  • The Yellow Wave
  • The ‘Sparkle’ or Iridescent Wave
  • The Violet Wave

Each wave corresponds to specific organs in the body (the liver, the gallbladder, the kidneys, the heart, etc.), honouring the ways that our consciousness gets stored within these organs and either allows ‘new’ thought to come through to experience each moment as it truly is in the present moment, or keeps us stuck in an experience tainted by past experience and emotion. For example:

“The Light Waves offer us a feminine approach to the different organs of each Wave. Through this work we explore the part of our consciousness which operates in forms and pictures, where we experience our emotions and feelings, and then a balance can occur between the inner male and female. The healing occurs while we are in a state of deep relaxation, far from the stresses of everyday life.”

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