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Dr. Paul Ray discusses the Cultural Creatives - their values, communicating with them, and why they are an essential constituency for funders and nonprofits.

The Cultural Creatives are the carrier population for the emerging wisdom culture. Paul Ray has been researching their values, lifestyles and beliefs for 25 years. Across the planet, they are innovators for the culture, not so much in technologies as in beliefs, worldviews, values and ways of life. They are the opinion leaders, and the participants in all the new social movements of the past 60 years who have time and again shaped others’ views, practices and adoptions of these new ways. Their Green values and lifestyles and their values of inner development both psychological and spiritual are the key to the emerging new culture. New Cultural Creatives surveys in Europe, Japan and the US all show the same trends.

Dr. Paul Ray talks about the Cultural Creatives
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