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From the desk of Hans-Peter
From the desk of Hans-Peter

Some days ago I got a cartoon:

This funny cartoon leaves me with a shallow taste, since we all have experienced it…either in us or for sure we saw it in others. You know the One´s outside of the room

How many projects and good ideas weren´t translated into action?

Why do we put so much energy in good ideas, which we never bring to ground?

What does it do to us, the team…?

This question kept us going for the last years and we focused on creating for us circumstances that challenge us to go beyond these internal limitations. We call it innerMangement an inner and outer incubation space where the atmosphere serves new ideas to really come on ground.

A team of experienced entrepreneurs come together on a regular basis, to serve as consultant, entrepreneurs, facilitators, focalizers.

We bring up our ideas and give them the chance to get molded by all the inner and outer realizations.

Our next step was:

How can we serve others to bring them in the situation to bring to ground their idea, their passion?

In the meantime we founded a german non profit organisation and are about to realize a cooperative and network, as tools to give our passion to serve a vessel.

Our experiences about the How´s and Why´s we like to share with you. We also would love to hear from you. Just write a note to us: info@mapmakersworld.eu

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