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Excerpt from Next Future Article "Turning Point" by M.P.Pandit-

Sri Aurobindo has valiantly tried to present to the modern mind the fundamentals of the Indian contribution to human thought. He was not a propounder of a philosophy but a discoverer of knowledge. And knowledge for him was awareness of the Reality. The Reality, he says, is infinite, eternal. Any true knowledge, by whatever means you arrive at, has to be infinitely wide, open, dynamic, self-generating. He has the boldness to say that no knowledge can be final. When he was asked do you mean to say that even your Life Divine is not final, he said; certainly not, this is what the human mind today can assimilate, this is the furthest to which the mind can go. Tomorrow a new vision, a new system, a new thought, corresponding to the new consciousness that is in the offing is bound to arise.

Turning Point
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