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Author: Clem Austen

This is a question I have often been asked, and indeed it is something that I continually ask myself as well.

You and I read the same books – you and I watch the same films and video clips – you and I listen to the same inspirational speakers.

You and I are inspired to make changes in our behaviour, in our relationships, in our businesses, in our world and then when it comes to action – the energy seems to fizzle out and we return to the comfort zone of doing the same things, making the same choices, living the way we always live – what is this pattern and how do we interrupt it?

Over the course of the next few weeks, this column will detail the steps that a few colleagues and I are taking to bring some clarity, indeed some insights into this question - you are invited to join with your ideas and challenges and thoughts – feedback welcome.

The intention is to share our thoughts, and hopefully some of yours as well, on why change is so hard. The intention is to look for a code or key, to help us better understand the process and in some way make change easier.

As a guide to our conversations we have taken a cue from C G Jung, where he said “We must make the unconscious, conscious, otherwise it will control our decisions and we will call this fate”

Watch this space for our further discussions, and also your comments.

You can get in touch with the author info@mapmakersworld.eu

From the desk of Clem Austen: WHY IS CHANGE SO HARD?
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