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Why consciousness will make the difference,  if your business is to be successful in the near future!

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Consciousness is from my definition: a quality of a dynamic evolutionary process which is able to integrate all states of awareness- inside and outside.

Most of us, who are running organizations, are facing daily obstacles and numerous unexpected issues. To handle them the old way, the way most of our systems are built upon, might not serve us in the future anymore.

My deep impression is that we now have the situation, where manager haven´t the tools and the expertise to handle those complex issues. A major topic today is that of burn-out – and this phenomena is not confined to one group, but covers all levels of hierarchy.

As Coach and consultant in HR I observed over the last 10 years more and more that the strategically tools and management strategies are less and less helpful to reach the expected results and forecasts. One of the best descriptions I heard from an executive vice president of a blue chip company was: “The situations we are in are that we decide on the fly.”

It is obvious that we need to have an understanding why new perspectives and approaches are necessary if we seriously want to handle an emerging future. We actually do need new maps for the orientation. Those Maps show us that organization which do support a culture of openness, seem to be more on the edge of success than those going the old trail.

What are some of the soft facts, which our control and quality systems as we know them aren´t showing us?

  • First step to be more conscious is open mindedness
  • Second step to be more consciousness oriented is a culture of deep listening
  • Third step to be more consciousness oriented is to own by heart the revealed vision but be open about the way how it will be accomplished. Let the solutions emerge.

I can hear the strategic board people say, but that will not merge with our business strategies and our business plan. Indeed this is the challenge, the challenge how we bring seemingly paradoxical approaches together.

Organizations which were able to stand those paradoxes found creative so called quantum leap solutions. They are able to stand uncertainty for a period of time.

Be aware that the complexity of our international business but as well our local world will not stop before our front door. We have to handle it this or that way if we want to stay in business longer.

Today the challenge is to invest in the consciousness that releases intellectual capital. There are no guarantees – other than that those failing to do so will not survive – the prize is dynamic conscious success.

We live in a constantly changing world – change happens through choice, chance or crisis. Waiting for crisis can be very life threatening. For those organizations and people seeking to evaluate their choices in this age, the Authors can be contacted info@krausandkraus.com for coaching a disciplines pro active mind-set.

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